About Me

Welcome to my little world of food! Here I will share with you tried and perfected recipes which have been passed on to me by loved ones and recipes that I have created myself.

I am Faiza, I live in London, and in my former life was a Psychologist, and now I am a stay at home mama to my gorgeous son and beautiful daughter. My husband and my children are my world.

I am an amateur baker and have always dreamed of having a little cake shop and I also love all things chilli and spice, and as a result named my blog chilli and cakes as this captures the food that is me! I started this blog as a way to collect and store recipes and memories that were dear to me and my loved ones, and in the process fell in love with dark moody photography and food styling. My new obsession is sourcing and buying props for my photography which has resulted in my poor husband’s home office looking like Aladdin’s cave!

My family comes from a very diverse background which is reflected in the food that I cook. I am British with parents from Zanzibar in East Africa and Pakistan and I grew up in the Middle East. My husband is also British but his roots are from Srinagar in Kashmir and he grew up in Hong Kong. So we truly are a cultural hotpot and I hope you will enjoy trying out some of the recipes in my blog that represent this.

Some foodie things about me:
• I adore Chinese food, especially dim sum.
• I am addicted to Turkish coffee and need at least 4 cups a day!
• My love for food and experimenting with recipes comes from my mum. She is one of the greatest cooks that I know and has the magical ability of recreating anything she tastes.
• I go through phases of being obsessed with baking certain things, at the moment I am obsessed with donuts and you will find me posting A LOT of donut recipes that I have been experimenting with.
• Some of my best creations have resulted from crazy cravings and late night hankerings of something sweet!

Food to me is a form of love that you share with your friends and family and is always associated with special memories, celebrations and good times and I hope that I can share this with you. x